The first project within the scope of the foundation purposes was dedicated to archeology. This project was made possible with the permission of the „Frente Polisario“ dated 9th March 2009 within the area of the “Democratic Arabian Republic (DARS)” and took place between 12th and 30th of October. The excavation was carried out by Magister Sigrid Ehrenreich and Dr. Gerald Fuchs (Argis Archäology service). Short description of the project:- Excavation and evaluation of monuments of the „Goulet“ type, first described in 1937 by Gobin and afterwards by Th. Monod (1948) as well as by Milburn (1995 & 2005). These monuments possess a long corridor running in an easterly direction as well as towards the west in certain cases. They are conspicuously present in the area of Tifariti/Western Sahara. They may possess in addition one or two low stone rings lying beyond the open end of the passage, which is often strewn with quartz pebbles. Some monuments of this type can have in length of several hundred metres. Aim of the project: Knowledge about climate change and migrations in North Africa in the late Neolithic period and the subsequent gradual change to Proto-History. A comparison with other excavations of the monuments already compiled by academics in other North African countries should be considered. The detailed documentation of the excavation (please use double click and be patience (17,9 MB) needs time to load) can be found on the site Excavation report with the title:Wadi Tifariti excavation report Westsahara (17,9 MB). You will find the dates of the excavated ceramics in GERMAN under DatierungsBericht11-041Milburn3030