Excerpt from the

of the
Archibald William Milburn Foundation


Who wants to know and describe what is living,
First tries to drive the spirit out.
Then he has the parts in his hand,
Missing, unfortunately! Only the spiritual bond.
Faust 1st part

The hardship of our time is very important to us in establishing this foundation. A time when technical progress (which is fully recognizable in its size) is much in danger and will continue.

We are faced with a climate change triggered by the warming of the earth, caused by nuclear energy (nuclear fission and nuclear fusions), fossil fuels, etc. and, unfortunately, far too little attention, the loss of the humus layer of our earth!

Humus is a carbon storage, humus is however in its main function a water storage.

More than a billion farmers today work the earth’s surface mechanically and chemically without knowing, through false scientific advice, about their actions.

Already 69% (3.56 billion ha) of the world’s most used dry areas are affected by desertification or devastated!

Since 1987, 73,000 square kilometers of forest have been sacrificed to the chainsaw. In their place, fields are spreading, agriculture has not only expanded dramatically in recent decades, but also intensified. However, the areas are usually not managed ecologically. In this way, habitats of animals and plants are destroyed, to no less degree than by the consequences of climate change.

According to Unep, intensive agriculture leads to pollution of the soil with chemicals, erosion, loss of nutrients and salinisation of the humus layer. This reduces the productivity of soils and, in turn, requires greater fertilization.

Today the diet of two-thirds of the world’s population directly depends on fertilizers.

Another problem is the seed. It is trying to sell more and more seed that is not fertile and therefore can not be sown again.

80 per cent of the starving population in the world live in the country or 1.5 billion small farmers have to buy food and are thus hardly able to buy seed and fertilizer, but only 4 per cent of the development aid benefits the agriculture.

Ecological agriculture with its composting system strengthens the humus layer of the earth and dissolves the dependence on chemistry and hybrid cultivation. Eco-farmers usually avoid environmental consequences. It is therefore a matter for us to strengthen ecological agriculture, in particular the biologically dynamic farmer.

The Swiss FIBL Institute, an independent agricultural research institute, has demonstrated in the so-called DOK experiment, after 21 years of research work, that biological dynamics (D) are (R) and (C) mutually supportive soil fertility as the only method of cultivation.

It is our main concern that, in all areas of our human existence, ideas and experience in all-round penetration, mutually animate each other and become a whole. (Goetheanist thinking)

To perceive the whole human being in his identity of body, soul and spirit!

The children of our earth. – We think that AIDS orphans in Africa, street children in Calcutta or South America, etc., can best be helped by the possibility of a school education, so that they can be able to stand on their own legs in later life. It is also important to us that the holistic approach in the teaching method is followed.

As far as our aging society in Europe is concerned, it is important to us that old people can age and die dignifiedly, and that man is perceived in his eternal identity.

§ 1 Name, legal form, seat of the foundation

The foundation is named “Archibald William Milburn Foundation”.

It is a legally binding foundation under civil law and is based in Stuttgart.

§ 2 Purpose of the Foundation

(1) The Foundation shall pursue exclusively and directly

Charitable and charitable purposes in the field

Science and research;
Education, education and training;
Youth and elderly aid;
The promotion of needy children and young people worldwide;
Development assistance;
Nature conservation and landscape conservation as defined by the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the nature conservation laws of the Länder, environmental protection, coastal protection and flood protection.

(2) The Foundation shall in particular implement its purposes as follows:

1. The promotion of scientific prehistoric research in North Africa and the Sahara.
2. The promotion of science and research in the field of anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner.
3. Promoting the research and testing of methodological and practical principles in the field of organic farming, in particular the biological and dynamic economy; As well as the global promotion of projects of the ecological, especially the biological-dynamic economy. Especially in the poorer countries of our planet.
4. Promotion of research within advanced medicine, pharmacy and natural sciences, natural medicine and homeopathy through Rudolf Steiner’s human sciences
5. Promotion of projects of Waldorf education and anthroposophic curative education for children and young people who are in a physical and / or mental / spiritual distress. Especially for AIDS children in Africa as well as for street children worldwide.
6. Promotion of care for the elderly, in particular through the promotion of projects which, through modern forms of social coexistence, help to provide assistance to old and needy people.
7. The Promotion of Goetheanist Thought.
8. Help for soldiers in Europe who are injured by foreign operations.