1. The promotion of scientific prehistoric research in North Africa and the Sahara.

2. The promotion of science and research in the field of anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner.

3. Promoting the research and testing of methodological and practical principles in the field of organic farming, in particular the biological and dynamic economy; As well as the global promotion of projects of the ecological, especially the biological-dynamic economy. Especially in the poorer countries of our planet.

4. Promotion of research within advanced medicine, pharmacy and natural sciences, natural medicine and homeopathy through Rudolf Steiner’s human sciences

5. Promotion of projects of Waldorf education and anthroposophic curative education for children and young people who are in a physical and / or mental / spiritual distress. Especially for AIDS children in Africa as well as for street children worldwide.

6. Promotion of care for the elderly, in particular through the promotion of projects which, through modern forms of social coexistence, help to provide assistance to old and needy people.

7. The Promotion of Goetheanist Thought.

8. Help for soldiers in Europe who are injured by foreign operations.